Open Letter to Alia Bhatt – The Vegan Gucci Ambassador

Dear Alia Bhatt,

Take a stand and stick to it, sister. 

I write this letter to call out your inconsistent stands regarding the treatment of animals. On the one hand, you virtue-signal about veganism and love for animals. And on the other hand, you sign up to be the Global Ambassador Of Gucci – the luxury brand notorious for cruelty against animals.

If you haven’t understood the problem, let me explain: Alia, you’re a hypocrite.

Please tell me why the PETA India Person of the Year 2021 signs a deal with the same brand that PETA has been actively campaigning against for years on charges of unspeakable animal cruelty. 

Don’t believe me? Check out how Gucci ranks in PETA’s cruelty-free test, investigations and protests.

Tell me, Alia, how does a self-proclaimed animal lover turn a blind eye to the fact that skinning living animals made her beloved Gucci bags and wallets? What should we call a person who told us last year that even her baby shower was vegan-friendly, but now she feels honoured to promote products made out of animals that were callously thrown around, struck with a machete, and beheaded without stunning?

Did no one in your PR team advise you against this cruel ruse before you boasted on Instagram about this “achievement”, Alia?

“I’m honored to represent the house of Gucci not only in India but at a global stage. Gucci’ss legacy has always inspired and intrigued me and I’m looking forward to the many sartorial milestones we create together ♥️” – You said in your Instagram post.

Furthermore, why is your PR team promoting you as the “First Indian” Global Brand Ambassador of Gucci? You admitted that you don’t even have an Indian passport, right?

It isn’t as if your fake-standards fever is happening for the first time. We haven’t forgotten how you endorsed sugary fruit drinks, cold drinks, ice creams, cookies and chocolates on TV while sermonizing about your no-sugar diet offscreen. On the Kapil Sharma Show, didn’t you advise people to avoid something as affordable as tea “because it contains sugar”? 

You wanted people to avoid their chai and instead buy those sugar-intense factory-made products so that you make more money.  

You are a Bhatt married to Kapoor. There is no reason for you to worry about money. So when did you become so desperate?

Let me offer some free advice – You might want to reign in these double standards that seem to be plaguing you for years. Your industry is not what it was when you started your career. Stars are falling, and so is their relevance. The audience sees through your gimmicks, you know.

I stop this letter now because of my firm conviction that this message will fall on deaf ears anyway.

My best wishes for whatever you are trying to win,

Yours Truly,


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