T-series has just released the trailer of its upcoming film Indoo Ki Jawani. The film features Kiara Advani, who was last seen in the dud Laxmii, along with Aditya Seal and Mallika Dua.

Well, the trailer suggests it to be yet another Pakistani propaganda film from Bollywood. In an eerie reminder of pk, Aditya Seal plays a Pakistani Muslim man, Samar, cast opposite an Indian Hindu woman Indira Gupta, played by Kiara. 

The trailer shows Kiara as a single woman desperately looking for a romantic relationship. She is on a dating spree, till her friend Sonal (Mallika Dua) suggests she joins a dating app. Enters Samar, who Indoo only later realises is actually a Pakistani. As soon as she does, she judges him to be a bad person, even a potential terrorist. The trailer suggests that the rest of the film is on how Samar is victim of bigoted generalisations by Indians and Hindus. Maybe the two later fall in love. 

We feel only those who live in a self-created bubble and clueless of ground realities would appreciate the plot. Pakistan is notorious as a place where resident Muslims prey on minority Hindu and Christian girls, often minors, and kidnap and marry them with a motive to convert them to Islam. But Bollywood, that has forever claimed to be on the side of social justice, chooses to repeatedly show Hindus as bigots and Pakistani Muslim men as ideal candidates for Indian Hindu women. The genre used for the propaganda is comedy, which makes it all the more effective – prejudiced Indians come across as idiots.

The trailer shows Samar as a decent, good-natured, quiet sort of a man who loves old Indian movies like Kashmir Ki Kali, much like the Sarfaraz of pk. Kiara’s character Indoo, on the other hand, is shown as brash and promiscuous which is not very different from how Pakistani movies characterise Pakistani Hindu women who are later shown to covert to Islam (Read review of two such Pakistani films here).

It’s the second film in a row of Kiara playing a Hindu woman in relationship with a Muslim man; the last being Laxmii where she played Rashmi, wife of Asif, played by Akshay Kumar.

It looks more than a co-incidence that Bollywood has been on a spree making films showing Pakistani in a good light, as if running a pro-Pakistani agenda. If the most glaring example is pk (@gemsofbollywood has shown how this film was promoted in Pakistan as an anti-idolatry film and was released in Pakistan along with vehemently anti-India group ARY), Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Ek Tha Tiger too had the same theme.

Indoo Ki Jawani is co-produced by Nikhil Advani, whose earlier production Batla House was a case study in how to whitewash Islamic terrorism by glorifying Quran and blaming the terrorist acts of a few rogues who failed to understand the true meaning of Quranic verses.

Have the local coffers of Bollywood dried up and is it targetting funds from across the border that such films are being repeatedly made? It’s pertinent to mention that Pakistan is very intolerant of any Bollywood film that has a Hindu man-Muslim woman theme even if the film shows the man is willing to accept Islam. Let alone Gadar, even recent films like Raanjhanaa and Ishaqzaade were banned in Pakistan.

In case of Raanjhanaa, the Pakistani censor board clearly mentioned the reason in writing as, “The film portrays an inapt image of a Muslim girl (played by Sonam Kapoor) falling in love with a Hindu man and having an affair with him.”

So repeated films with the kind of interfaith relationship that is acceptable to Pakistan raises serious questions. Why is Bollywood on an over zealous agenda to woo Pakistan?

The film is set to release on 11 December. Last checked, it’s trailer had been viewed 10 million times, with about 2 lakh likes and 35,000 dislikes. 

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